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  • Acute gastroenteritis is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, particularly in at-risk populations, such as children, older individuals, and immunocompromised patients.
  • Speed and accuracy of detection of culprit pathogens is vital for patients to receive appropriate therapy and take proper infection control measures to prevent the progression and spread of disease.
  • We offer clinicians a GI test with a simple collection technique (fecal swab) allowing for in office collection, resulting in reduced treatment time and accuracy of diagnosis.

PCR GI panel

  • Detects up to 10 pathogens in one sample
  • Fecal swab for easy collection
  • Detect present pathogens, toxins, parasites
  • Antibiotic use does not prevent detection
  • Decreases length of hospital stay
  • Decreases antibiotic use
  • Same day results

Traditional Stool Culture

  • Targets a few common diarrheal pathogens
  • Stool sample, Labor intensive
  • Stool samples must grow the pathogen
  • Prior antibiotic use masks the growth
  • Increases healthcare costs, hospitalizations
  • Aids in antibiotic resistance
  • 3-4 days for results